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Southeast Asia’s economic boom has been a double-edged sword. While it has lifted millions out of poverty and improved living standards, it has also relied heavily on fossil fuels. This dependence has resulted in a surge in greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution, and local health issues, further contributing to global climate challenges.

Looking ahead, the region faces a critical crossroads.
With energy demand projected to double by 2035, Southeast Asia must significantly ramp up investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. This urgent transition is essential to secure a clean, healthy future for the region and the planet.


Our focus is on empowering partner countries, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines to achieve a sustainable energy future that fuels economic growth and ensures energy security, in alignment with the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

We work collaboratively to mobilize and coordinate resources, fostering a robust foundation for renewable energy, energy efficiency, coal phasedown and resilient infrastructure in Southeast Asia

We work across four strategic outcome areas


Aligning Policies with Climate Commitments

We offer expert technical advice to help governments strengthen renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, regulations, and laws.

Our goal is to ensure energy policy aligns seamlessly with climate action commitments, paving the way for a more sustainable future.


De-risking Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments

ETP bridges the gap between renewable energy projects and financial institutions. We work to de-risk projects and make them more attractive for investment, unlocking large-scale funding from both national and international sources.

Additionally, ETP pioneers innovative financing models that leverage the region’s sovereign wealth funds, attracting significant private capital to accelerate the transition to clean energy.


Extending Smart Grids

We champion sustainable and resilient infrastructure as a cornerstone of climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. We provide cutting-edge technical solutions to expand smart grids, allowing for the future-proofed planning of national systems.

Additionally, we empower grid operators through dedicated capacity building programs.


Knowledge, Awareness and Capacity-building

We empower stakeholders with capacity building across the cross-cutting sectors of the energy transition.

This equips individuals and institutions with the expertise they need to drive the energy transition.




Introducing the Just Coal Transition Platform, a regional initiative to empower Southeast Asia’s coal regions to navigate a clean energy future through knowledge sharing, skills building, and access to resources

Philip Timothy Rose


John Robert Cotton

Senior Programme Manager

Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang

Senior Fund Manager

Adritha Subbiah

Senior Programme Manager
(Regional Programmes, Just Coal Transition Platform)