Powering prosperity
and enabling sustainability
in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia’s impressive economic growth has created enormous opportunities and challenges. People in the region have benefitted from raised income and substantial poverty reduction but they have also been increasingly exposed to natural disasters exacerbated by the climate change, to higher levels of air pollution and hazardous emissions generated by the use of fossil fuels in the energy sector.

The Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) is a multi-stakeholders platform bringing together Governments, Philanthropies and Partner Countries to accelerate energy transition in Southeast Asia by increasing the deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable infrastructures.

The ETP envisioned energy transition will support partner countries efforts to:


Meet their economic and social development ambitions


Move to the right development path towards the 1.5 C scenario and thus comply with the Paris agreement commitments


Provide more secure, resilient and clean energy services to achieve their National Sustainable Development Goals

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Who we are

The Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to accelerate energy transition in Southeast Asia and deliver the Paris agreement targets on climate change by bringing together Government Donors, Philanthropies and Partner Governments.

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What we do

We aim to empower our partner countries to transition towards an energy system that simultaneously ensures environmental sustainability, economic growth and energy security.

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How we work

We endeavour an innovative structure that allows for alignment, coordination and joint development and delivery of technical and capital assistance projects financed through different modalities by government donors and philanthropies.

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