What we do


We aim to empower our partner countries to transition towards an energy system that simultaneously ensures environmental sustainability, economic growth and energy security. To achieve this goal, we will mobilise and coordinate the necessary technical and financial resources to create an enabling environment for renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable infrastructures in the region.

We are initially focusing on Indonesia, The Philippines and Vietnam, which are the countries in the region with the highest energy demand, a substantial pipeline for fossil fuel-based projects and with a significant renewable energy and energy efficiency potential. In the long term, more countries in the region will benefit from the ETP support.

ETP will offer the following tailor-made services to its partner countries:


High-level technical advisory support on policy, regulatory, financial and infrastructure improvements needed to increase the deployment of renewable and energy efficiency.


Capacity and skills development directed towards improving each country’s human capital. Direct beneficiaries of these services will be representatives of governments, utilities, financial institutions, project developers, industries and service providers, think tanks, academia and other relevant stakeholders.


Provision of a holistic support to governments to cover both financing and technical needs. This will be achieved through coordination between ETP technical assistance and capital investment programmes financed by ETP members.


Facilitating dialogue between the business sector and governments to find common solutions for rapidly and viably scaling up renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and infrastructures. ETP will also support dialogue and actions by all relevant stakeholders to promote and enact a just and equitable energy transition.