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ETP Newsletter April - May 2022

16 June 2022


ETP Indonesia Updates

Launching of Energy Conservation Campaign Program in Education Sector

ETP, through its Energy Efficiency Innovative Window (EEIW), granted funds to the IIEE, who successfully proposed an innovative approach to establish the campaign program for the education sector in East Java province.

The Director of Energy Conservation of the MEMR appreciated ETP and IIEE for supporting the awareness building of the selected 120 students and 24 teachers from 24 schools to implement energy conservation as a part of the energy transition in Indonesia. This program will be delivered in 4 months to raise the awareness on energy efficiency of the next generation and to reduce electricity consumption.

ETP's Coordination with Bappenas and other Ministries

ETP conducted a coordination meeting with Bappenas, the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Services Authority. One of the activities proposed by Bappenas is to provide a study on the establishment of the Mid-term National Development Plan 2025-2029 related to the energy transition to be used as the guidance to build the energy transition policy in the future.

Discussion on Energy Efficiency Financing Mechanism

ETP and other development partners including AFD, CPI Global, and SEACEF, discussed with the Deputy Director of Energy Conservation Business and Technical Assistance of the MEMR to identify financing mechanisms for EE projects in Indonesia. In the meeting, the MEMR team explained their support for a financial institution to fund street lighting in selected cities in Indonesia as well as other EE projects.

Additionally, the partners discussed EE investment facilitation. MEMR proposed to conduct an event to formalize EE financing mechanisms in the near future.

ETP's Mission in Indonesia

Participated in the Finland Energy Business Forum in Jakarta

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) is preparing the Roadmap of Net Zero Emission (NZE) 2060 and areas where the development partners can support implementation of the energy transition to achieve the climate target. The Finnish business delegation elaborated on Finland’s commitment to Indonesia and showcased Finnish companies’ capacity to support energy transition especially through renewable energy power plants, battery industry, and energy efficiency measures. ETP is exploring potential intervention activities that contribute to the MEMR’s energy transition objectives e.g. coal phase-out study, de-risking of RE & EE projects, study on integrated battery industry supply chain, etc.

Meeting with the Chair of the G20 Energy Transition Working Group and Head of MEMR Bureau of Cooperation

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) welcomes ETP’s presence at the upcoming G20 events and supports ETP in displaying an exhibition booth at the G20 Energy Transition Working Group (ETWG) Ministerial Meeting that will be held on 1-2 September 2022.

ETP Site Visit to PLN Jamali Main Control Center

ETP Fund Director (Sirpa Jarvenpaa), Senior Program Manager (John Cotton) and Senior Program Management Officer (Aang Darmawan) visited PLN Jawa-Madura-Bali (Jamali) Main Control Center (MCC) on 24 May, 2022.

With the new MCC, PLN is projected to absorb around 6-10 GW of VRE electricity in Jamali system until 2030 and limitless potential VRE that can be absorbed into the system in the future. PLN is requesting a significant amount of investment to build the new control center which is currently awaiting the internal investment approval.

PLN and ETP will showcase the PLN Jamali MCC upgrade project at the 2022 G20 events as well as to prepare the forthcoming activities related to the project, e.g. delivering the capacity building for the smart grids, involvement in the Super Grid study, etc. On the other hand, ETP’s consultant in delivering the project, ELC, is committed to continue their high quality service for the PLN MCC upgrade project.

Meeting with Coordinating Ministry for Maritime & Investment Affairs Deputy of Maritime Sovereignty and Energy

The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime & Investment Affairs (CMMIA) informed of a greater opportunity and investment in the electricity market, especially on the optimization of the transmission and distribution line, as the Government of Indonesia is working to revise the power wheeling regulation. CMMIA also suggested ETP to look at the emission from the transport sector especially the shipping lines since it has a large potential to reduce the emission.

Meeting with ASEAN Center for Energy

On 25 May, 2022, ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE) and ETP discussed the concept note of the ASEAN Power Grid focusing on the current condition of the international organizations support in this area and the gap in which ACE, ETP, and other interested parties can build the collaborative work. ACE and ETP elaborated the potential supports (modalities) of each organization that could be implemented for this study. In addition, ACE and ETP also agreed to conduct a tripartite meeting between ACE, ETP, and CASE to align the understanding on how the study can be conducted.

ETP Vietnam Updates

Energy Transition Council (ETC) Held National Dialogue with Vietnam

Photo: ETC National Dialogue with Vietnam on 19.4.2022.

Chaired by the Central Economic Commission and UK Embassy, the ETC National Dialogue with Vietnam was organized on 19 April 2022 with the participants from ministries and government agencies, development partners, philanthropies and the private sector. Participants discussed a roadmap for development of the energy sector for reaching the country’s commitment of net-zero by 2050.

ETP presented the Coal Abatement Scenarios Report with a focus on the potential emissions reductions in the power sector. The ETP’s Report on the Review and Gap Analysis of the Coal Abatement Scenarios was handed-over to the Government of Vietnam by the UK Embassy and disseminated to the participants of the event.

ETP’s Mission in Vietnam

ETP Secretariat visited Vietnam from 26-29 April, and participated in the Consultation Workshop on the National Climate Change Strategy to 2050 organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). ETP complimented the country’s concrete efforts to realize the COP26 commitments, commented on the NCCS and expressed the ETP’s interest to support implementation of the country’s strategy.

ETP team’s participation in the Consultation Workshop on Draft of the National Climate Change Strategy to 2050.

Sirpa Jarvenpaa, ETP Fund Director, commented on the Workshop

The Workshop was broadcasted on VNEWS – TRUYỀN HÌNH THÔNG TẤN

Meeting with Key Government Agencies in Vietnam

ETP Secretariat met with the key government agencies, including the Central Economic Commission of Vietnam, the Commission for Management of State Capital at Enterprises, various departments of MONRE, the Directorate of Standards, Metrology and Quality of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Cooperation activities and a multi-partner approach was formulated for ETP to support various energy transition programs of Vietnam. The Secretariat also met development partners and shared a view that a joint collaboration among the partners to harmonize the international support to Vietnam will help avoid duplicating the efforts. The ETP Secretariat Team particularly thanked the two consulting firms of Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition Social Enterprise (VIETSE) and Vietnam Energy and Environment Consultancy JSC (VNEEC) for supporting the success of the Mission.

Meeting with the Central Economic Commission of Vietnam (CEC)

Meeting with Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)

Meeting with Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)

Meeting with the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)

ETP in the Philippines

ETP’s Mission in Philippines

ETP and Energy Regulatory Commission Established Cooperation

Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony between ETP and Philippines Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)

ETP and the Philippines Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) signed a Partnership Agreement on 6 May 2022, in Manila. The agreement provides a framework of cooperation and facilitates collaboration towards the common goal of accelerating the clean energy transition in the Philippines. ERC Commissioner Floresinda Baldo-Digal acknowledged the invaluable technical assistance that ETP is providing to ERC that involves a broad scanning of the regulatory framework for the energy sector. The support aims to identify any regulatory issues that may impede the government’s efforts for a low carbon energy sector and provide recommendations to create more enabling regulatory provisions. The assistance will also identify the necessary revisions to the Philippine Grid Code and Distribution Code to facilitate more variable renewable energy. Through this partnership agreement, ETP and ERC will strengthen its collaboration and explore more opportunities to work together.

Meeting with Department of Energy, Energy Utilization and Management Bureau and Renewable Energy Management Bureau

On 2 May, 2022, ETP met with the Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Utilization and Management Bureau (EUMB). During the meeting, EUMB feedback on ETP’s Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Report and agreed to the findings on issues of financing energy efficiency (EE) projects and the need for capacity building on EE across all levels of stakeholders. While conducting pilot EE projects with Philippine National Oil Company – Renewables Corporation for a state university and a government owned and controlled company, EUMB and Department of Trade and Industry have requested ETP’s support on pilot demonstration of EE project for local government unit (LGU), develop and operationalize the online platform for the certification of energy practitioners and conduct a design of an energy efficiency program for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

In addition, ETP also met with the Department of Energy, Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB) to discuss offshore wind roadmap and explore areas of potential support from ETP needed in connection with off-shore wind permitting and integration with the power grid.

Meeting with Philippine Electricity Market Corporation

ETP met with Philippine Electricity Market Corporation to sign a partnership agreement for cooperation. ETP is facilitating the integration of battery and other energy storage systems (ESS) in the country’s electricity spot market. The technical assistance aims to broaden and strengthen the governance of the spot market to encompass the emerging participation of ESS, and ensure that the market remains fair and competitive to all its participants. PEMC provided positive feedback on this on-going technical assistance. A number of potential support that could lead to greater participation from renewable energy generators in the spot market were also discussed.

Meeting with Department of Finance

ETP met with the Department of Finance (DOF) to discuss potential implementation of carbon tax systems. The DOF seeks to understand how other economies are implementing carbon tax and market schemes and the feasibility of implementing a carbon tax system in the Philippines. The potential technical assistance would also investigate the impact of a carbon tax to achieving the country’s carbon emission reduction targets.

ETP Events

Energy Efficiency Day 2022

John Cotton, ETP Senior Programme Manager, spoke at Energy Efficiency Day 2022 organized by Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2). PE2 is a non-profit organization with a 17-year history of working with the Philippine government in promoting and developing energy efficiency policy and market reform. The theme of the event was “Energy Transition’ First Fuel.” John presented on ETP’s Energy Efficiency Innovation Window and the Energy Diagnostic Report and joined in the panel discussion with IEA’s Melanie Slade and ADB’s Dr. Priyantha D.C. Wijayatunga.

Upcoming ETP Side Event

ETP Roundtables - Energy Transition Masterclass Recap

Session 4: International Renewable Energy Systems

On 6 April, session 4 of the Energy Transition Masterclass explored the scenario of an Asia Pacific Super Grid, electricity trade among ASEAN member states and the developing trade in hydrogen.

ASEAN, with its diverse renewable resources and numerous load centers, has a chance to accelerate a net-zero transition if the countries advance regional power trade. The ASEAN super grid would connect its diverse renewables potential, smooth out the power demand and variability of renewable energy, thereby significantly reducing the storage required to support a complete renewable electricity in the region.

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Session 5: Energy Storage

On 20 April, the 5th session’s discussion highlighted ways of storing variable renewable energy (VRE), including mass energy storage with off-river pumped hydro, battery energy storage systems and power-to-X option by means of hydrogen.

Pumped hydro energy storage is optimal for large-scale storage and medium-term energy balancing (hours to weeks), while battery storage provides a faster response and is available in modular form, thus is more suitable for small-scale storage and short to medium energy balancing (minutes-to-hours). Meanwhile, hydrogen offers a wide range of applications and will be useful in the sectors that are difficult to electrify. An optimal mix of various storage technologies will depend on each country’s context.

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Welcome to the ETP Team!

We are very pleased to introduce you all to Ms. Maria Fritzie Vergel, who joins UNOPS THMCO and the Southeast Asian Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) as a Country Program Coordinator in the Philippines.

Before joining ETP, Fritzie was a Sustainable Energy Analyst-Energy Efficiency at Asian Development Bank. Prior to this, she was working as a Renewable Energy Project Investment Facilitation Expert at CSi Energy Solutions International. Besides, she was also working as Individual Consultant, Renewable Energy Planning at UNDP. Fritzie has extensive experience in Renewable and Sustainable Energy projects.

Opportunity to Work with ETP!

Vacancy Announcements!

  1. Programme Management Officer (Indonesia)
  2. Programme Management Officer (Philippines)
  3. Programme Management Officer (Vietnam)

Contract type/level: Local ICA Specialist-8
Application period: 20-May-2022 to 12-Jun-2022

Request for Proposal

On 5 May, 2022, ETP launched a Request for Proposal on the Philippines Grid Diagnostic and Roadmap for Smart Grid Development. The aim of this project is to identify a “roadmap” for grid upgrades together with high priority modernization investments and develop prioritized technical packages for imminent investment to improve grid flexibility and extend smart grids. The Project will support the national goal of modernizing the Philippine power grid to ensure flexibility, security, and resiliency.


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