How we work


We endeavour an innovative structure that allows for alignment, coordination and joint development and delivery of technical and capital assistance projects financed through different modalities by government donors and philanthropies.

This innovative structure will leverage the strengths of different national and international funders and institutions to boost the case of energy transition in Southeast Asia.

In particular, we will implement a holistic approach by focusing on the following energy transition enabling dimensions:

Strengthening the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy policy enabling environment by:​


Enhancing the institutional planning and implementing capacities


Improving Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency policies, regulations and laws.

Increasing the amount of Renewable Energy integrated in smarter grids by:​


Providing technical knowledge and expertise for grid planning and operation


Increasing availability of investments for grid upgrades.

Increasing public and private investments flow in Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy by:​​


Supporting improvement of policies, regulations and laws encouraging investments such as fiscal and financial policies


Increasing availability of project finance, de-risking instruments and bankable projects.

Strengthening human capital, knowledge and public awareness by:


Fostering Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency knowledge that is accessible to relevant stakeholders and to the public


Supporting the development of a strong local workforce to enact the energy transition. This is part of ETP commitment to support a just and equitable energy transition.