Energy Transition Roundtable

Energy Transition Roundtable

About Energy Transition Roundtable


The Energy Transition Roundtable is a platform for exchange of information, knowledge, networks, concepts, technologies to develop leadership among region’s energy transition stakeholders. It provides the participants with tools with which they can navigate the complex energy transition processes, while addressing the impediments and providing solutions to the most pressing energy transition issues.


The Energy Transition Roundtable provides participants in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam with: 

  • Professional development for energy transition leaders and stakeholders in Southeast Asia.
  • Access to a network including energy transition champions and stakeholders.
  • Access to an online library of valuable resources related to energy transition.


The program is led by:

  • The Australian National University (ANU)
  • The Australia – Mekong Partnership for Environmental Resources and Energy Systems (AMPERES)

With the support of national institutions in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam: 

  • Institute for Economic and Social Research – Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LPEM UI)
  • Indonesia Research Institute for Decarbonization (IRID)
  • Ateneo School of Governance (ASOG)
  • University of San Carlos (USC)
  • AMPERES Vietnam

Roundtable Events & Schedule

Energy Transition Dialogue Energy Transition Masterclass National Deep Dive Energy Policy Dialogue
February 2022 | March 2023 March to June 2022 September to November 2022 November 2022 | September 2023
Energy Transition Dialogue is an annual public forum that promotes discussion and shares learnings on key transition issues facing Southeast Asia (SEA) countries. It also aims to create awareness and understanding of COP and key policy commitments made by governments towards a faster energy transition. Part of the event showcases the recent work and initiatives of the ETP and its partners. Energy Transition Masterclass is a 24-week structured training course designed to build common understanding and skills for ETP participants in the core concepts, ideas and approaches that underpin a sustainable and just energy transition.
The ten sessions are built up from the course materials that the Australian National University developed for the Asia-Pacific region earlier. Integrated into the Energy Transition Roundtable, the course incorporates relevant information and in-depth discussion about the energy transition of Southeast Asia (SEA) with a strong focus on Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.
National Deep Dive is a national-level program structured around three connected working session events over 3 months. Each of the three deep dives in each country is highly interactive and provides ETP participants with opportunities to prepare and present materials during the discussion.
The three national sessions focus on one strategic energy transition issue, progressively building an understanding of the issue, possible solutions and their sustainability implications.
The national deep dive was led by ETP’s national partners, including the Institute for Economic and Social Research – Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LPEM UI) and Indonesia Research Institute for Decarbonization (IRID) in Indonesia; Ateneo School of Governance (ASOG) and University of San Carlos (USC) in the Philippines; AMPERES and Center for Energy Technology and Information, Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (ECTIC).
Energy Policy Dialogue is a high-level annual event designed to discuss the Nationally Determined Contributions and COP preparations with national government delegations.
Materials Materials Materials Materials

Policy Brief

Policy Brief No. 1 (PDF)

Policy Brief No. 2 (PDF)

Policy Brief No. 3 (PDF)

Policy Brief No. 4 (PDF)

Energy Transition Dialogue

Full Recording

3 March, 2023 | Online via Zoom


Energy Transition Masterclass

2 March, 2022 | Online via Zoom


23 March, 2022 | Online via Zoom


15 June, 2022 | Online via Zoom

National Deep Dive

COP Policy Dialogue

9 October, 2023 | Online via Zoom


  • Agenda
  • Presentations
    • Energy Transition Issues at COP 28 and Implications for Southeast Asia – Frank Jotzo ( Bahasa | English | Vietnamese ) (PDF)
    • ASEAN Energy Transition Progress against its targets and the Role of Regional Cooperation in Advancing Energy Transition – Beni Suryadi ( Bahasa | English | Vietnamese ) (PDF)
    • Recording (Youtube video, 2:08:36) ( English )