Diagnostic on Energy Efficiency Policies

Review and analysis of energy efficiency development in Southeast Asia will complement the 'ETP Energy Efficiency Innovation Window'. It provides an overview of the environment surrounding energy efficiency, including policy frameworks, as well as identifies donor-coordinated actions to advance energy efficiency outcomes.

Project Concept Note - Diagnostic Review and Analysis of Energy Efficiency Development in Southeast Asia

Project infosheet - Diagnostic review and analysis of energy efficiency development in Southeast Asia

Energy Efficiency Innovation Window

SEA ETP provides an effective pathway for early-stage grant financing to address the systematic problem of under-investment into energy efficiency. Through this intervention, SEA ETP selects projects for grant funding, and guides their implementation to improve market conditions and consequently increase investment in energy efficiency.

Project Concept Note - Energy Efficiency Innovation Window

Project infosheet - Energy Efficiency Innovation Funding Window (EEIW)

Energy Transition Roundtable

SEA ETP provides a tailored professional forum for knowledge exchange to strengthen leadership and coordination among the region's energy transition stakeholders and partners. The project also develops the capacity of leaders through tools and concepts with which they can navigate the energy transition process, address obstacles and provide solutions to the most pressing energy transition issues.

Video - ASEAN Outlook For Zero Carbon Energy

Project Concept Note - Energy Transition Round Table Southeast Asian Countries

Project infosheet - Energy Transition Roundtable

Project infosheet - ASEAN Outlook For Zero Carbon Energy

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